Terms and conditions Poisonshoes.com

Dear customer and / or user, we recommend that you read this document with special care, given that just by browsing our website or purchasing any of our products by this means, the terms and conditions mentioned below are fully accepted. continuation:

1. The parties

Between the client and / or user, who acts directly, if it is a natural person or through a person duly empowered to act on behalf of and on behalf of, in case of being a legal person, and on the other hand Poison, a national brand belonging to AFINA ARL, a commercial company duly incorporated under Dominican law, which has a website www.poisonshoes.com, enters into this contract in accordance with the terms and conditions of use that are an integral part of this contract.

POISON / POISONSHOES / AFINA ARL, in any case will presume in good faith that it is contracting directly with the client or with their duly authorized legal representative to carry out this type of operations and no responsibility should be assumed by AFINA ARL for personal impersonation carried out by any client and / or user.

First paragraph: To make any purchase, it is an essential requirement to identify and present yourself as a user on the website, activities that are carried out through an email account and a secret client password, which is personal, non-transferable and of exclusive and exclusive responsibility of the client.

Second paragraph: It is the customer's responsibility to make any use of the supplied password, which may not be transferred or disclosed to third parties for any reason. Likewise, the client must adopt all the necessary security measures to avoid misuse or knowledge of it by third parties. It is recommended to change the password periodically.

Third paragraph: In case of loss, forgetfulness or exposure to third parties of the password, you must refer to the authentication section of the site where there is an option to remember the password, and where following the instructions, the client can recover their password, at through your email or change the password. If for any reason you cannot solve the problem, you should write to the e-mail: servicioalcliente@poisonshoes.com.

2. The activity

POISON / POISONSHOES / AFINA ARL, will make available to customers, the colors in which they can purchase the products. These will be displayed in the most real way possible, however, it must be taken into account that with each equipment / computer, the color chosen may vary, so the company is not responsible for this fact if the client requests a change for error in color selection.

3. Acceptance of the terms

By entering, browsing and / or using this site, the user admits having read and understood these terms of use and agrees to abide by them and comply with all applicable laws and regulations that are part of Dominican legislation. In addition, when the user uses any service provided on this site, they will be subject to the rules, guides, policies, terms and conditions applicable to that particular service. AFINA ARL is not responsible for the material on this site being appropriate or available for use in other places, accessing it from territories where its content is illegal is prohibited. Those who decide to enter this site from other places will do so on their own initiative and it is their responsibility to abide by the local laws that are applicable.In the event that the user does not agree to these terms, please refrain from using this site. Any claim in relation to this site and the material contained therein is regulated by the laws of the Dominican Republic. These terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice at any time, under the principle of autonomy of will of AFINA ARL and from the date of modification of these terms and conditions, all operations that are held between AFINA ARL and the user They will be governed by the modified document.under the principle of autonomy of will of AFINA ARL and from the date of modification of these terms and conditions, all operations that are celebrated between AFINA ARL and the user will be governed by the modified document.under the principle of autonomy of will of AFINA ARL and from the date of modification of these terms and conditions, all operations that are celebrated between AFINA ARL and the user will be governed by the modified document.

4. The provisions

In the event that one or more of the provisions contained in these terms and conditions are considered null, illegal or ineffective in any aspect, the validity, legality, enforceability or effectiveness of the rest of the provisions contained herein will not be affected or annulled by said circumstance.

5. Review of terms

AFINA ARL may at any time revise these terms of use contained herein, by readjusting this announcement. By using www.poisonshoes.com the user agrees to be bound by any of such revisions, which will be in force from the moment they are accessible by users, and must then periodically visit this page to determine the current terms in that moment to which the user will be bound in the event that he decides to use this site.

6. Industrial property

All trademarks, signs, logos, names and any other distinctive signs, as well as utility models and / or industrial designs and other elements of industrial or intellectual property inserted, used and / or displayed on this site are the exclusive property of AFINA ARL Nothing in www.poisonshoes.com may be developed as a concession or granting of any authorization, license or any other right to use or dispose of any form of industrial property, without the written permission of POISON / POISONSHOES / AFINA ARL or of the owner of the rights of the same. Any unauthorized use will constitute a violation of these terms and conditions and the current national and international regulations on industrial property.

7. Copyright

All the computer, graphic, advertising, photographic, multimedia, audiovisual and / or design material, as well as all the content, texts and databases made available to you on this site are the exclusive property of AFINA ARL All content in website are protected by the rules on copyright and by all national and international rules that are applicable. Except as expressly stipulated in these terms and conditions, any act of copying, reproduction, modification, creation of derivative works, sale or distribution, exhibition of the Contents, in any way or by any means, is prohibited, including, but not limited to, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or any other means, without the prior written permission of AFINA ARLIn no case do these terms and conditions confer rights, licenses and / or authorizations to carry out the acts described above. Any unauthorized use of the contents will constitute a violation of these terms and conditions and the current rules on copyright, the user is only granted a license and a personal, non-transferable and non-exclusive right to display www.poisonshoes.com on the screen of a computer, computer or PDA device under its control, and to copy the contents owned by AFINA ARL solely and exclusively for personal non-commercial use, with the condition that the user does not modify the Contents in any way and that they keep all the legends copyright and other property rights contained therein.The user is obliged by these terms and conditions not to modify the site software in any way.

Distinctive signs: The distinctive signs POISON and POISONSHOES and any other exhibited on this page, are owned by AFINA ARL Under no circumstances may it be considered that the use is allowed or that a license is being granted, whatever their nature, on the brands, trade names, flags or slogans. Therefore, the use of them is considered expressly prohibited, under penalty of being incurred in the civil and criminal responsibilities that may arise.

8. Training and improvement

The contract for the sale of AFINA ARL products is perfected only when the client in response to the invitation to offer made by AFINA ARL presents the purchase offer by selecting the product and makes the payment according to the payment methods offered on the page .

In no case will AFINA ARL be obliged under any circumstances to accept a purchase offer. Sole paragraph: If the purchase to be made exceeds a quantity of five (05) products, AFINA ARL reserves the right to send this purchase offer to the company's business channel as it is considered a corporate sale, with the in order to avoid the improper marketing of products.

9. Term for acceptance of the offer

AFINA ARL, may accept the offer immediately after payment is made, which may be accepted in whole or in part.

First paragraph: The acceptance of the offer for transactions made on the site will be made by means of the email addressed to the address provided by the client through the subject "Order Confirmation at Poisonshoes.com" or another similar one. However, in any case, the offer will be understood as accepted at the time POISON / POISONSHOES / AFINA ARL dispatches the products to the customer. Our client must take into account that the mere registration, the provision of the personal key to our client or the sending of the information or transaction does not mean acceptance of any offer.

Second paragraph: In the event that AFINA ARL for any reason does not accept the offer made in a total or partial way, it will proceed to return the monies in whole or in part, as appropriate, to an account owned by the offeror in an amount identical to that consigned. in our accounts, without any type of interest, compensation or other items.

Third paragraph: For the return of the money, the means of payment will be observed as follows: For payments by means of a debit card, savings or checking account, the return will be made within a period of eight (8) business days. But if the payment was made by credit card, the return order will be made in fifteen (15) business days, without the responsibility of AFINA ARL for the delays that the financial institution may have.

10. Price

The total value of the purchase will be made up of the following items to be paid by the customer: value of the product, taxes and transport costs, if applicable.

First paragraph: AFINA ARL undertakes to constantly review and update the prices mentioned on the website and, in turn, our client and / or user must be attentive in the event of any fluctuation in them.

Second paragraph: AFINA ARL will inform or publish the transport and shipping rate that the goods will have, which will be generated depending on the costs, items and policies of the transporting company, which are independent, autonomous and unrelated to AFINA ARL Within the cost of freight The place in the Dominican territory to which the purchased products should be sent, their size and weight must be taken into account.

11. Payment terms

Payment will be made solely and exclusively by the following means:

- Credit cards: Visa, MasterCard

- Debit cards: Visa and MasterCard

- Other means of payment: PayPal

First paragraph: Before our acceptance of any purchase offer, the client must choose the terms and conditions of payment of the corresponding price, according to the means of payment that are already specifically established on this site. Even when AFINA ARL makes a secure connection system available to the client for all the realization of all the purchase offers, in no case will it be responsible for the failures in the communications of the banking or credit entities, as well as for the damages caused to users on the occasion of an action or omission of said entities.

12. Right of withdrawal

The consumer must return the product to AFINA SRL by the same means and in the same conditions in which it was received. The transport costs and the others that the return of the good entails will be covered by AFINA SRL The maximum term to exercise the right of withdrawal will be five (5) business days from the delivery of the good or the conclusion of the contract in case of the provision of services.

The following cases are excepted from the following case and according to the corporate purpose carried out by AFINA SRL:

- In contracts for the supply of goods or services whose price is subject to fluctuations in the financial market coefficients that the producer cannot control.

- In contracts for the supply of goods made according to the consumer's specifications or clearly personalized.

- In contracts for the acquisition of goods for personal use

AFINA SRL must return in money to the consumer all the sums paid without proceeding to make discounts or withholdings for any concept. In any case, the return of the money to the consumer may not exceed thirty (30) calendar days from the moment the right was exercised.

13. Reversal of payment

The law provides that in sales made through electronic commerce mechanisms, such as the Internet and where a credit card, debit card or any other electronic payment instrument has been used to make the payment, the participants in the payment process must reverse the payments. requested by the consumer when it is subject to fraud, or corresponds to an unsolicited operation, or the product purchased is not received, or the product delivered does not correspond to what was requested or is defective.

For the reversal of the payment to proceed, within five (5) business days following the date on which the consumer had news of the fraudulent or unsolicited operation or that he should have received the product or received it defective or without corresponding to what requested, the consumer must file a complaint with AFINA SRL and return the product, when appropriate, and notify the issuer of the electronic payment instrument used to make the purchase of the claim, which, together with the other participants in the payment, they will proceed to reverse the transaction to the buyer.

14. Delivery of products

The products will be shipped only within the Dominican territory, through certified mail, within a maximum period of twenty-four (24) hours for Santo Domingo or forty-eight (48) hours for the interior, counted from the acceptance of the offer, as long as there is no fortuitous event or force majeure, among which is, by way of example, facts of man or nature, such as strikes, strikes, revolutions, rebellion, sedition, riots, attacks, cuts of fluids, landslides, earthquakes, avalanches, overflows, bridge falls, among others.

First paragraph: The place of shipment will be to the address indicated by the client in the offer that he prepares in the format intended for this purpose, which may be the same place of residence of the buyer or another that he designates. It is understood that any person who is at the address where the delivery is to be made, is duly authorized by the customer to receive their order, so AFINA SRL is exonerated of any responsibility at the time of delivery, as long as the It is done at the address registered at the time of purchase on the website.

Second paragraph: The transport company will have the obligation to make a maximum of two (2) attempts to deliver the products purchased. In the event that delivery attempts are unsuccessful, the goods will be returned to the warehouse and a new dispatch will be scheduled with the client. If the delivery of the product cannot be agreed, it will be stored for six (6) months, during which time the customer must contact POISON / POISONSHOES / AFINA SRL through the customer service channels. After this period, it will be understood that the customer desists from his purchase. As long as the payment has been made by credit card, the return of the money consigned to the customer will be processed, except for the value of the shipment, without any interest rate,remuneration or additional sum and regardless of the cause or origin that the return may have.

Likewise, it is considered unsuccessful delivery if the recipient of the product is under fourteen (14) years of age and is not accompanied by a parent, guardian or guardian who signs the receipt of the product together with the recipient.

15. Invoice

The invoice will be sent together with the product purchased to the address mentioned by the customer.

16. Transfer of ownership

The transfer of ownership is carried out as soon as AFINA SRL places the good or the product in the hands of the transport company, to be sent to the client or the person designated by him.

First paragraph: Notwithstanding the foregoing, the client or recipient of the good or product, must refrain from receiving it immediately, in the event that the packaging of the product presents damages, breaks, openings or other similar, leaving the due annotation or proof of that fact.

17. Packaging of products

Our client accepts that the products are packaged and presented in a POISON / POISONSHOES / AFINA SRL plastic sleeve to deliver the products to the clients or in gift paper as appropriate and there is availability.

18. Product warranty

POISON / POISONSHOES / AFINA SRL offers a one (1) year warranty for briefcases and accessories made of canvas; two (2) months, for footwear; three (3) months, for the pulse of the watches and one (1) year for its machinery; one (1) month, for clothing and accessories not made or complementary (fragrances, key rings, bottles, moisturizing bag, sandwich box, locks, umbrellas, caps, hats, scarves, gloves, belts, etc .; for obvious manufacturing defects, low normal conditions of use.

The warranty does not apply for mechanical cuts, exposure to extreme temperatures, contact with acids or solvents, wear, abrasion and excessive stresses, modifications to the original design, damage caused by third parties (transporters) during travel and intervention by people outside the repair shop and POISON warranties; in these cases the company offers the repair service, subject to the availability of the input and costs.

The warranty for POISON shoes is two (2) months for obvious manufacturing defects, under normal conditions of use. The warranty does not apply for mechanical cuts, exposure to extreme temperatures, contact with acids or solvents, wear, abrasion and excessive stresses, modifications to the original design, damage caused by third parties (transporters) during travel and intervention by people outside the repair shop and POISON guarantees.

To make the guarantee of any of the products marketed by our website effective, the client must follow the following procedure as the case may be:

www.poisonshoes.com has a return period of 30 calendar days from the date the carrier delivers your order to the address provided in the purchase. You must notify about the return before the 30 calendar days are completed through one of our service channels. You can make the changes through poisonshoes.com (conditions apply)

If it is still within 10 business days to make the request, the client must notify through any of the means of contact (Helpline, online chat or via e-mail to servicioalcliente@poisonshoes.com) informing the name Complete and buyer identification number, order number, invoice number, so that the remission of the product is authorized through the transport service indicated by AFINA SRL

The product will be submitted to the concepts of the quality department who will indicate if the guarantee is appropriate and how it will be carried out. Otherwise, AFINA SRL, will generate a formal response explaining the reasons why the warranty does not apply and will return the product (s) to the initial shipping address.

First paragraph: The client accepts and declares that POISON / POISONSHOES / AFINA SRL will not have any type of responsibility for the transport of the product that it sends, in view of the fact that this contract is totally autonomous and independent of this.

19. Product change

The client must request the change through any of the means of contact (Helpline, online chat or via e-mail to servicioalcliente@poisonshoes.com), informing the full name and number of the buyer's identity card, order number of the order, invoice number so that within a period of no more than five (5) business days, by means of an email or another system that in the opinion of AFINA SRL is convenient, the remission of the product is authorized through the transport service indicated by AFINA SRL and if the request is appropriate, send us the product. The exchange will be made in accordance with the current exchange and return policies applicable to the products purchased.

Sole paragraph: Notwithstanding the foregoing, any sale made must be considered as a firm sale, therefore the return of the product or money that is not supported by law or in order of the competent authority will not be admitted. of money in any case will be made without any type of interest, premiums or additional sums, and likewise all shipping costs that would have originated if there is no legal prohibition will be deducted.


AFINA SRL reserves the right to publish or refrain from publishing any of the comments made by users of our website about the products. In this sense, at any time a comment may be removed from the aforementioned website.

Sole paragraph: Any comment that is published must be made with a friendly, respectful language and related to the object on which it is commented.

21. Limited liability

Without prejudice to what is determined in the mandatory norms of the applicable Dominican Legislation, AFINA SRL does not assume any responsibility, including any responsibility for any loss or damage, including but not limited to the loss of information or profits, existence of viruses, results of use or the inability to use the material on this Site, lost business opportunities, or any other damage, even if the user has advised us about the possibility of such damage, or for any third party claim, except as expressly provided herein. Under the terms indicated here, AFINA SRL does not assume any responsibility for the information provided on the page, including but not limited to that relating to products and / or services, notes of interest, opinions,practical advice and solution of concerns. AFINA SRL does not assume any responsibility for the impossibility of, or for problems in, the use of the Site or of any of the pages that comprise it, including but not limited to events such as server or connection problems, interruptions in your communication, technical problems. In the event that the use of the material on this Site results in the need to service, repair or correct equipment or information, the user assumes any cost derived from it.technical problems. In the event that the use of the material on this Site results in the need to service, repair or correct equipment or information, the user assumes any cost derived from it.technical problems. In the event that the use of the material on this Site results in the need to service, repair or correct equipment or information, the user assumes any cost derived from it.

First paragraph: The responsibility of AFINA SRL will be limited to an amount identical to the value of the product purchased, or failing that, to the value of the product requested by the customer.

22. Origin of funds

The client solemnly declares and sustains:

to. The resources with which the purchase was made come from a legal operation, trade, profession, activity or business.

b. The monies with which you made the purchase were NOT obtained by virtue of any type of conduct that is enshrined in Dominican law as a constitutive offense of criminal offense.

c. I have never allowed third parties to use my accounts or my credit or debit cards to consign or manage money that I do not know its origin or that come from conduct contrary to the law and especially criminal law.

d. I release AFINA SRL from all responsibility for erroneous, false, inaccurate information that has been provided in this document or for the violation of it, in such a way that I will be solely responsible for it.

Privacy Policy

1. Personal data

It is about guaranteeing the privacy and protection of the data provided by customers to perfect the sale, taking into account that the provision of this data is completely voluntary and that it is only required for the purposes of shipping products and canceling prices, AFINA SRL maintains the confidentiality of the required data and will only be used for the purposes of the contract between the client and us.

2. User responsibility

By entering our site, the user acquires the commitment to provide correct and true personal information, as well as to update their data whenever it is required. Similarly, the user is obliged to promptly notify their corresponding entities in the financial or cooperative sector, the loss or theft of their credit card or other instruments provided by them to carry out transactions, such as debit cards, personal passwords. , etc., in order for such instruments to be disabled by them. The user is prohibited from posting on, or transmitting to, or from this Site any illegal, threatening, libelous, defamatory, obscene, scandalous, pornographic or profane material,or any other material that could give rise to any civil or criminal liability in the terms of the law.

Poison collects personal information from its customers for promotional purposes only and the means of contact, with prior authorization from customers, are e-mail, SMS and direct mail. Customer information is collected through raffles and contests in stores, registration on the website and activities with followers of the brand on social networks.

The communications that will be sent to customers will be welcome emails to Poison's database, newsletter with product information, birthday messages, information about special events and promotional dynamics, messages on special dates and others that involve product information. or promotion.

Customer information is not used for any purpose other than those mentioned above and will be for the exclusive use of AFINA SRL

All emails include the option to disenroll. The client must click on the corresponding link in the e-mails and follow the instructions with which the client can renounce receiving future information in this way. Disenrollment from other channels must be done through customer service channels. For more information, you can contact the customer service line ########## at the national level or via e-mail to servicioalcliente@poisonshoes.com.

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